A Network Analysis of Hubway

How does Hubway help you get around faster?

This Sunburst visualization depicts commuting patterns from a selected Hubway station to more than 8,000 MBTA bus/rail stops over the Boston metro area. Based on travel times, the number of transfers, and convenience, the 'optimal' commuting patterns were obtained using service information from the GTFS feed provided by MBTA. The trip origin is located at the center of the plot. Each slice represents an access/transfer stop at which some commuters board an MBTA service in order to get to their destinations. Subsequent transfer stops are displayed further away from the center. In addition to the transfer hierarchy, the area of each slice is proportional to the number of destinations that can be reached via the stop. Lastly, the color of each slice corresponds to the travel time from the origin to the stop using MBTA services. The stops that can be reached directly using Hubway service are highlighted. Historical trips data were used to determine travel times of bike trips. This representation of commuting patterns allows us to identify important transit hubs that are not well connected to the selected bike station by the MBTA network.

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